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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Hiking in Tatras - day four

Was so fortunate next day when I woke up. Situation with weather seem to be really interesting for photographers. Partly clear sky and moving clouds was a good sign for another photographic trip. This time I decided to hike two really interesting mountain paths in polish mountains called "Czerwone Wierchy" all the way. This place is extremely photogenic. 

High Tatras in September

One of the valleys

Świnica under the clouds

Zakopane - view from the mountains

Gasienicowa valley - this road leads to the mountain camp named "Murowaniec"

Winter conditions on Swinica peak

First snow on Koscielec

There is several mountain lakes in Tatras. This one is named Green Lake

Swinica peak - very popular for hikers, sometimes can be really dangerous

Swinica peak on zoom

Zoom into Koscielec

Tatra chamoix 

Krywań - Slovakian National Mountain.

Dodaj napis

Sunset over Tatras


So fortunate to see such a sunset. See you next time Tatras
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