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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Piran - the dream city

Piran - Pirano - is the one of the most photogenic cities along the Mediterranean, it preserved its unsurpassed charm. 

Sun is going down giving a special golden light on the historical buildings of Piran coast
Tight corners of Piran's streets

Sailors and the following seamew

Main entrance street of Piran
Getting rest on Piran's coast

Piran's harbor

Long exposure image taken during sunset, on the right city historical buildings 

History and nature - those two things you will meet visiting Piran
Piran at night - city panorama taken from the city walls

Tartini square - place of many exhibitions and restaurants 

Harbor at night

Tartinini square

Passing bus giving this special light effect. In the second plan Tartini square
All the images were taken by Pentax K-3 camera with set of various lenses and filters (Hoya). Developed and processed mostly in Lightroom 5.7. Please do not copy and share images without my written permission.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Slovenian lakes

Slovenia is rich of water, on the list it has 321 lakes. I had a chance to visit two most famous Bled and Bohnij, both located in beautiful mountain scenery. 

Lake Bohnij is largest permanent lake in Slovenia
Short brake from traveling next to Bohnij lake
Bohnij is spread in the valley below Triglav (highest peak of Slovenia)
Bohnij is 4.2 km long, 1 km wide and 45 meters deep. 
Sunset over Bohnij mountain

This location is one of the most picturesque in whole Slovenia

Contemplating the view of sunset
Closest area of the lake has interesting bridge and old church
Lake Bled is the most famous travel destination of Slovenia

Lake Bled came to existence when the Bohnij glacier moved away

It is 2.1 km long and 1.3 km wide

Lake is almost 30 meters deep

The beauty of the lake is stressed by the island on the west side of it. 

Island is called Blejski otok in local language. 

It has few buildings on it but the most important is a church dedicated to Assumption of Mary.

Current form of the church comes from the end of 17 century
These days it is very popular tourist destination

Lot of weddings are being held in this church

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Slovenian mountains - part three

Part three of the tour around the Julian Alps in Slovenia. Enjoy !

One of the many, forgotten canyon named Mozsnica located in Log Pod Mangartom, little mountain village in northern Slovenia.

Church and the mountains of Triglav National Park above it, Log Pod Mangartom, Slovenia. 

Sunset is almost here. 

Camping in Triglav National Park, unforgettable time. 

Sky is the limit. 

Colorful and stunning sunset caught on the road near Bovec. 

Near Italian border there is a famous Brda region, just like Toscany, producing good quality wine. 

Pearl of Slovenia, must visit Skocjan caves. 

Looks like asteroid, its just the one of the rocks in Skocjan caves, flashed with the light from outside.