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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Pure nature - Biebrza

Biebrza National Park is located in northern part of Poland in podlaskie voivodeship along the Biebrza river. Its the largest Polish National Park. The most precious part of this park are biebrza mashes with its pure and untouched nature. 

Biebrza is the biggest refuge of birds in whole Europe

Narwia river

Moon and the flying birds

Sunset over Biebrza mashes

Empire way goes through the whole Biebrza National Park. Moose are the often visitiors.

Bridge goes through the Biebrza mashes


Watch your every step, Biebrza mashes are full of vipers

Typical scape of this region

Old wooden houses where people still lives their old ways

Beavers are easy to meet and not afraid of people

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Mud, sand, dirt and me

Love all the motorcycle sports but motocross is way unique than driving on open roads. The climate is so amazing. For photographers its great place to be. All images were taken during motocross European championships in Czluchow, Poland. 

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