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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Mountains of Slovenia - part one

In this little country you can find everything what you need. From the high mountains, beautiful landscapes of lakes to the sea side. And to visit this you don't have to drive the whole day. Everything is on the touch of the hand once you get to Slovenia. 
In this post I want to focus on the mountain landscapes of Slovenia I was able to capture during my trip which took place in august this year. 
Trip started from visiting the north part of the country with its top destination for all hiking lovers, Triglav National Park and the city of Kranjska Gora and Log pod Mangartom. 

Playing with flashlight and looking at the stars over peaks of Triglav National Park, on the right side of the image you can see the Mangart (2679 m). 
High mountains of Triglav National Park, view from Kranjska Gora mountain lake. 
Mind boggling Slovenian mountains, Julian Alps. 
Sharp as a razor peeks of Julian Alps
Old castle and Mangart peek above it

After visiting Kranjska Gora another destination was reaching a highest mountain road called Mangart Pass (Mangartsko Sedlo). This curvy and tidy little road goes above 2 km high. It gives one of the best views on the Triglav National Park mountains. 

Highest road in Slovenia, Mangart Pass (Mangartso Sedlo) goes above 2 km high. 

Mountain shelter near Mangart



Bench with the best view on the world 

Shelter near Mangart.

Mangart pass is really curvy road.

What could be better than such a view

Another step of the trip was little village named Log Pod Mangartom. It was such a lucky to camp in such environment. 

Tents and beautiful stars of the milky way above the mountains 
To be continued ... 

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