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Friday, 24 July 2015

Poppy madness

Poppy season usually comes in Poland in june. I was looking for perfect place with the poppies and found one in the valley of lower vistula. Attached with my favourite lens, sweet old manual Pentax M 150 f. 3.5 which can produce amazing bokeh I went to the field. Effect I could gain was outstanding, low light of the shading sun emphasize the colours.

All the images were taken using Pentax k-3 camera. Developed in Lightroom 5.7 and Nik colour software.
All rights reserved. Please do not copy or share presented images without my written permission.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

City on water

Few weeks ago, on the beginning of spring time I had a blast to capture few interesting places in the city where I live - Bydgoszcz. Its one of the largest cities in Poland, located in the center of the country with almost 400.000 population. One of the most precious wealth is two rivers flowing through the city, Brda and Vistula.

University bridge going across the Brda river

Fara cathedral

Mill Island

Mill Island

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Deep in the forest - Koronowskie lake

Koronowski Lagoon is an attractive tourist area of the resort. Is characterized by many deep bays, Islands, flood control and wildlife. The length of the shoreline has about102 km. Reservoir is wooded on all sides. Lake is currently considered to be the most attractive recreational reservoir on the southern edge of the Lake District in Poland. Love this place since its so close. Someone said that the best pictures are taken in the closest area. Its all true. Check out !
One of those lagoons, hidden deep in the wood in the autumn light. Picture is HDR.

Wildlife scene

Place is awesome for sailing. Last days in this time of the year.

Beauty of nature

This image was taken in the same place as first, just in about two weeks after first shot. Trees got this amazing autumn color. To emphasize the effect I used HDR technique, also I worked with the colors rendition in Lightroom.

Panorama of the bay


White swan

Who could paint it better?

Patterns in nature

Autumn colors are the best

Looks beauty but so dangerous (poisonous).


All the images were taken using Pentax k-3 camera and set of lens like : Pentax SMC DA 12-24, Pentax SMC DA 17-70 sdm, Tamron 70-300 and Pentax SMC M 150. I also use a hoya pro polarizer filter. Some of the shots were taken using HDR technique (usually five different exposures, matched together in the Photomatix Pro and then developed in Lightroom 5).